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Marcia O
Visceral Manipulation Thank you Tracy for suggesting Visceral Manipulation may help after undergoing open abdominal surgery and for your referral.
Great Massage! Tracy does an awesome job!
Susan D
Soothing massage I have a upcoming major surgery dealing with a lot of pain Tracy gave me some relief today to get by till the surgery happens. As always she's so professional and she makes you feel number one
Peg K
Wonderful Experience I have had many massages from coast to coast, but Tracey is personally concerned about me as an individual---and that is true dedication.You feel it in her work.
Marcia O
Abdominal scar tissue Tracy thank you for enlightening me on the importance of yoga in reducing scar tissue in addition to your weekly lymphatic drainage massage with emphasis on the abdominal surgery site.
Marcia O
Scar Tissue Thank you Tracy! In addition to lymphatic drainage massage you are also helping me deal with abdominal surgery scar tissue. Both treatments are helping the healing process and I am grateful to you.
Barb L
Massage Amazing experience!!! I felt wonderful all day. Tonight I developed a headache, so I am guessing tender pressure points were moved and created the headache.
Lori R
Massage Very relaxing Listened to my needs and responded accordingly. Thank you
Marcia O
Scar tissue Thank you Tracy for your support in dealing with scar tissue formation after abdominal open surgery.
Mary M
Tracy - massage I found my session with Tracy to be very helpful - both physically and emotionally. She was totally present, cared about me as a person and provided some much needed pain relief. Although I'm in town only occasionally, I will definitely return! Thanks Tracy!
Barb L
Massage Amazing experience. Could not have been better. I realized why I am generally more sore than usual. I cut back on Lyrica by 1 pill a day. That is the difference.
Barb L
Massage Amazing. Unlike any massage I have ever had. Couldn't be better.
Earl T
Excellence Tracy continues to deliver the treatment I need with a combination of massage and gwa sha. My highest recommendation.
Marcia O
Post surgery Healing from open abdominal surgery. Tracy, thank you for the lymphatic drainage massage today. Managing lymph drainage and scar tissue management will definitely help my body to heal faster with less scar tissue.
Katie F
Amazing Tracy’s touch was nothing but perfect! Feeling so much better! Can’t wait to go back!
Marcia O
Lymphatic Drainage Tracy thank you for supporting my efforts to manage full body edema with your 90 minute lymphatic drainage treatment.
Marcia O
Post Surgery Care Open abdominal surgery impacted every part of my mind, body and soul. Your expertise in the medical field reassured me that with your help I will be able to fully recover and restore my health.
Earl T
Fantastic Great work. As Tracy has gotten to know me and my issues she has continued to adapt her techniques used to address my issues. clearly cares about her clients and their health.
Cathy R
My experiences with Tracy Tracy is highly professional. Her Knowledge of the human muscle system is unsurpassable. I look forward to my next massage session with Tracy!
Great Massage Great massage!
Feedback on Massage Tracy, you are a terrific massage therapist! You truly perform beautiful miracles of healing!
Ashley B
Amazing the massage was perfect! My whole body feels much more relaxed. The pressure and temperatures were just right! Definitely recommended!
LeAnn M
Massage review I am always satisfied with your massages. Thank you for being great!
Marcia O
Cloning Tracy I wish I could find a lymphatic drainage specialist in California (where I will be this spring and summer) as competent as you are Tracy. Your expertise and knowledge of the lymphatic system far exceeds any lymphatic therapist I have tried in California.
Great Massage Tracy, thank you for a great massage, it was all I was hoping to experience. You were very accommodating and attentive to my issues. I left feeling energized!
Marcia O
Rebuilding health after CKD went into remission Thank you Tracy for always supporting my efforts to restore health through lymphatic drainage therapy. The organic products that you offer allow me to pamper myself with products that also support health.
Marcia O
Thank you Tracy I will be much more comfortable traveling now that you have been able through lymphatic drainage to clear the pockets of lymph that was being stored due to damaged kidneys.
Pat F
Great service I have received custom services for my specific situations. Would recommend highly.
Light and Happy From the beginning to end, Tracy takes care of you. Each session is tailored to your exact needs at the time. I've started with a stiff neck, tight calves or lower back issues and by the end of the hour I notice improvement. By the next day, at most, it's completely gone. The combination of her nursing accreditations with years of massage therapy result in a very effective session. Leaving you feeling light and happy. Thank you Tracy!
Barb L
Massage Neck area feels very relaxed. Legs and arms are refreshingly alive and there is less edema in legs. Very Happy with the results!
Susan D
Always most comfortable experience My buddies so glad to be back in Tracy’s hands thank you for the professional treatment and the caring heart
Patricia F
Satisfied client After first appt was satisfied with the in-depth consult before she began. New type of massage so will see how it works out
Massage Tracey addressed every area that I mentioned as having an issue. I learn something from her each time I visit. Best massage ever!!!
Barb L
Massage ankles, legs, were not swollen for three days after, Very Happy!
Pat F
Satisfied Tracy continues to work with ongoing and sometimes changing health needs. Very satisfied
Wonderful I just had my latest massage with Tracy and this was the best one to date...which I thought was impossible. Every little ache/pain/tightness I had completely went away. It's like magic. I can't wait to go back! Tracy is such a wonderful person and gives every client a wonderful experience.
Andrea S
Excellent Had a wonderful massage. Left me feeling relaxed!
Pam C
Bio mat Have been doing the bio Mat, Weekly and it has helped so much with the pain I have I've been suffering with cancer the last 2 1/2 years instead of having to take a whole bunch of medicine for pain I've been doing the bio Mat and it's been great.
Robin P
Awesome Thanks Tracy so very much! Much needed relaxation and you Rock!!!!
Andrea P
1st therapeutic massage I've seen Tracy for treatments before at the recommendation of my health care professional but this is the 1st therapeutic massage I've received. Tracy does an excellent job making sure the environment is warm, quiet and relaxing. It's a place that you can feel relaxed before you even receive any treatment. Tracy is also excellent at checking in on the temperature, pressure and comfort. She definitely is a professional. In addition, I always learn something from Tracy about general health that I didn't know which allows me to take better care of myself or make lifestyle or diet changes as necessary. Tracy is definitely a partner to help you with physical and mind-body health!
Robin P
Awesome Thank you Tracy so very much for today! Like always, it was a great experience, and I always appreciate what I bring back from your sessions!
Pam C
Cancer I have been going to Tracy now a year I have cancer and she really helped with the pain . I have lymphatic drainage once a month done and I feel great after it . Tracy is really a caring person and she goes above and beyond to help you feel great .
Becky W
Feeling great Tracy really listens to my needs and gives me ideas on how to improve my exercise and pain issues. After each visit I notice improvements in my overall muscle repair and release.
Marcia o
Above and Beyond Once I realized that I was dealing with full body edema I could begin to find resources that support my daily choices in managing the edema. 1. Learning about full body edema. 2. Best practices in daily nutrition, exercise, and rest. 3. Ongoing lymphatic drainage massage with Tracy. All basic steps in managing edema. The above and beyond step is choosing from Tracy's carefully chosen organic products that support my daily choices necessary to live with controlled edema. Thank you Tracy.
Marcia O
Healing Products Tracy I was so excited to find two beautiful natural heart shaped heating pads at your shop. One for my daughter and one for my granddaughter. I found the healing story that you tucked into my shopping bag. The story is about "MOTHER" You gave me two copies so that I could have one and my daughter could have one. Along with the CD on healing trauma my daughter and I can share enlightenment together. You are a blessing to me🌷
Marcia O
Dedicated Professional No matter what health issue I am currently encountering now that I have entered my "golden years" Tracy always helps me to better understand the health issue and makes suggestions on how to address the health issue.
Kristine J
Great experience! Tracy was thorough and caring. Very relaxing and therapeutic massage.
Great Massage! Excellent massage and caring provider
Marcia O
Healing Trauma Tracy is knowledgeable about health issues related to childhood trauma. Tracy has offered me many excellent resources to understand how childhood trauma and ongoing health issues are connected and more importantly how to move the healing process forward. Thank you Tracy!
Marcia O
Lyme Disease Tracy has been helpful in helping me to seek alternative care in dealing with health issue of persistent labile hypertension. I live in an area that has a high incidence of lyme disease cases. My husband had lyme disease twice and was treated with antibiotics. Lyme disease can be transmitted sexually. It may explain some of my chronic health issues. I am grateful for all of Tracy's help.
Lymphatic Massage I felt so good after my massage, I didn't think it was possible to feel this good. Thank you, Tracey! Your professionalism and expertise are amazing!
Andrea P
Relaxing relief My recent visit with Tracy was relaxing, healing and better than a mini-getaway. Tracy is an intuitive health partner and I appreciate her expertise and insight. One great surprise is that it's possible to return to work or normal activities following a massage. This will allow me to schedule a massage with Tracy even if I'm busy at work with only a few hours to spare!
Vickie P
Review Very satisfied, professional
Tammy S
Lymphatic Massage Tracy, thank you so much for your kindness and healing touch. I really appreciated your skills, information and overall caring attitude. I will keep you posted on the PT. I've had two appointments and will have more appointments next week. Sue is really good. I like her a lot. I may pass your card to her as a referral to others. Thank you again. I consider my session with you the beginning of me feeling whole again. You are a true gift!
Terrific Massage I received an excellent massage today. It was truly very healing and most respectfully delivered! I am truly grateful!
Pam C
Awesome I had Tracy Weber do a Lymphatic Drainage.WOW how great i felt the next day. I have cancer and its been along time since I woke up feeling Great! Can't wait until next month doing another one with Tracy.
Robin P
Thank you Thank you Tracy for today and giving me stretching ideas as well as information for ENT doctor. Look forward to your therapeutic yoga!
Marcia O
Thank you Tracy Bob and I have you to thank on many levels. Bob for your yoga expertise in helping him deal with lower back pain. Myself for ongoing support with edema and chronic kidney disease. We can continue to enjoy quality of life by taking care of ourselves under your guidance.
Marcia O
Thank you Tracy As I continue to seek out solid strategies in overcoming ongoing health issues; you provide knowledge, resources, comfort and results. I am grateful for your presence in my life.
lauren w
Amaziing One of the best massages I have ever received. Tracy definitely has a healing touch and a very relaxing nature.
Robin P
Massage Loved today! Thank you so much for giving me stretching exercises to do and appreciate the chat. :-)
Sarah S
First massage with Tracy My first massage was great. Tracy took the time to go over my health history in detail, addressed my concerns, and accommodated where needed. I felt very comfortable during the massage. I'll be coming back to you Tracy. Thank you.
Stephanie G
First Lymph Therapy Loved my lymph drainage therapy with Tracy. I was working on detox and have never used lymph drainage as a modality until now. I loved the touch and my body was very receptive to Tracy's therapy. Looking forward to my next session!
Robin P
Awesome Thank you Tracy! Great job!
Tina S
Deep tissue massage AWESOME as usual
Lisa I
Awesome work! Tracy is very knowledgeable and has a great touch. She is capable of going deep or more for relaxation. She is incredibly knowledgeable.
Nancy T
Balance, relax, renew I was very happy with my cranial-sacral therapy. I could feel areas of my body opening to more energy flow and this flow resulted in my body feeling more balanced and renewed. Tightness in my neck/shoulder area was alleviated and I had an entire night of uninterrupted sleep...unusual for me. As much as I love massages, this was just what I needed this time. Thanks so much!
Jim S
Backing in to a master of the feet I enjoyed it very much, Tracy. With my back on the verge of surgery and your sure-footed feet helping me to relax a day in advance of it, I felt lucky and privileged. It will certainly be difficult staying away from at least trying one full massage sometime after my recovery. And I was impressed with your cot-side manner (is cot correct? :-) I felt very comfortable and important as a client (even just for a short demonstration). Anyway, I guess I'd give you a C (just kidding!) Jim
Susan D
Above and beyond caring approach Tracy is amazing with her kind approach in helping to make me feel better. She works on what needs you have not just her ideas. Her technique is very professional but yet compassionate. I look forward to next my next visit. Today she helped open up my sinsuses to the point when I stepped out side I could smell fresh air. What a treat! My recommendation would be if you need any help get your appointment set up today. She's good!
Jessica S
100% amazing There is no other word to describe Tracy other than amazing.
Marcia O
Wholistic Care Tracy, Reflecting on the wholistic care that I have received from you over the years; I realized recovering from cancer and managing full body edrna would have been nearly impossible without you. Thank you!
Callum (Natalie) E
A Different Baby My infant son has improved dramatically since his treatment. He is less tense, less anxious, less crying. I'm hopeful that his sleep and feeding habits continue to improve. I am very hopeful now and will be back for additional treatment.
Debbie H
Great Massage I have been very satisfied with the massages I have been receiving. I suffer with Fibro myalgia and find it relieves some pain.
A life moment In this busy crazy life we all need time to relax, breath, and promote personal health. Tracy's practice brings these three life components together. Thanks for the Yoga position correction advice! Highly recommended. Namesta!
Brendan W
Awesome Very good
marcia o
Benefits of Holistic Health Care Restoration and balance of overall health through out the body. Equally as important management of chronic health issues without medications that often have adverse side effects. Thank you Tracy.
Gary A
Caring Spirit I was nervous not knowing what to expect; having been in pain for quite some time. I found the care sensitive and understanding. My treatment was focused upon my needs and greatly appreciated.
marcia o
Clearing edema from face, neck and shoulders Circulation and lymphatic drainage is being restored in areas of my face that are resulting in gums returning to a healthy state. My dentist was relieved to find my gums health returning. My dentist commented that I was very lucky to find Tracy Weber. In addition, I have lost another 10 pounds of lymph through out my body. My chronic sinus and allergy problems are diminishing. Thank you Tracy.
client Tracy is very professional and excels at her work. She is interested in your whole body providing the best care.
Evaluation of massage I am grateful for excellent service.
Excellent I had a targeted treatment and it was absolutely amazing! Even though it was a small area being treated it was relaxing in its entirety. I will absolutely be back!
Excellent care, intuitive, effective lymph drain massage I have seen Tracy about weekly for a year to assist with lymphedema due to breast and lymph node surgery. This has helped immensely. Tracy is always ready with suggestions and ideas for any new wrinkle that pops up during the week. She has vast knowledge, keen intuition and many modalities in her tool chest. Her nursing background is an addition comfort when dealing with sensitive medical issues. I highly recommend her.
Joseph S
excellent from start to end. whole experience was amazing. the massage was absolutely wonderful. comfortable, calming, and incredibly relaxing. most definitely will be back. Highly recommend to anyone in need of relaxation, or to heal aches and pains.
Mary Ellen C
Excellent treatment Excellent treatment. What a gift!
Erika D
fantastic great work
Gary A
Feeling Loved It is so good to experience tender care amide the trials of life.
Lindy H
Fijian Massage The Fijian massage was amazing! I sometimes have a hard time relaxing but within minutes I felt a sense of peace and calm that lasted even after I left. Tracy is knowledgeable and takes the extra time to listen about any concerns or problem areas and you get a sense that she truly cares. I will be back, thanks again!
Great experience! It was very clean and relaxing, very professional and informative. And felt great after.
Marcia o
Managing Edema I am grateful to Tracy for providing an alternative of lymphatic massage therapy to drug therapy in managing edema. Thank you Tracy.
Ruth J
Wonderful I had my first massage, but it won't be my last. Absolutely wonderful experience. Tracy makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed.
Marcia o
Facing another serious health issue "Holistic health considers the whole person...emphasizing the connection between mind, body, spirit and heart." I am grateful for Tracy's presence in my life as I face another serious health issue. Thank you Tracy.
Susan D
First session with Tracy The Recommendation from Matt Taylor gets an A+. I have been doctoring for years with symptoms that have all been ruled out as negative nothing wrong but I still hurt. It comes down to anxiety and stress aggravating my body. With my first session with Tracy I see hope and help. Her compassion is amazing and her massage is healing and comforting. She made me realize we are in this together and her hands are magical. Looking forward to a healing and feeling better with her expertise. Thank you for this positive experience.
Robin P
massage Loved it today! Thank you Tracy!
Marcia o
Thank you Tracy Wishing you and your family Love, Peace and Joy. I am blessed to know you.
Tina S
Tracey is the BEST! Tracey is Awesome. I have gone to Tracey for multiple complications with my leg and arm. She has given me exercises and advice that has helped extremely. She has always been very accommodating with my work schedule as well. Thank you Tracey. I can't imagine how I would be feeling without all your help.
Mary Kay L
Leg and ankle Very happy the leg/ankle feels pretty good today. Even you having many errands to run after. Thank you again and look forward to my appt. next Thursday or sooner if anything opens up.
Very Satisfied I was very happy with the service we received. The care Tracy took with my son was wonderfu.
Lynn L
Exemplary Massage! Terrific expertise and professional presence characterized my experience!
Jim S
Friday massage Thanks a lot for the massage. It was one of the better ones I've ever had. I get them 1-2 times a year and will definitely keep you in mind when I'm ready for another one. Thanks again. Jim
Lynn L
Exemplary Massage! Tracy's expert massage is all that anyone would want or expect!!!
Cameron W
Fussy baby Tracy did great work with my 3 month old infant. She was recommended after having feeding issues and regularly fussiness. I was very please with Tracy and the treatments results.
Great Experience! Relaxing and therapeutic massage
Joyce W
Great first-time lymphatic drainage lymph
Gary A
Hopeful My experience nurtured thoughts and feeling of hope.
LeAnn M
Hour Massage Always a nice and relaxing experience with you Tracy! I always leave feeling refreshed and new :) See you next time! Oh there is one thing I miss, your water fountains in your room.
marcia o
Lymph Drainage for Detoxification "Within us all there is a silent system working to keep us healthy-the lymph system." Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the best things you can do to help your body help itself. " Until I began getting lymphatic drainage massages from Tracy I didn't think I would ever be able to recover from a radical hysterectomy due to endometrial cancer. But each time I have a lymphatic drainage massage from Tracy my health improves. I feel healthier now than I have in years. Thank you Tracy!
Gary A
good to get the kiinks out I knew I was a knotty old pine but didn't know how much until you straightened me out. Thanks
Tammy F
Lymph Massage Tracy does a great job at putting the clients needs first and makes sure she knows what is going on with our body so she can make sure she is doing things that help and benefit us. The nicest massage therapist with much compassion.
Massage Truly a healing experience...mind, body and soul!!
Cathy G
Great massage and yoga practice. The massage was very relaxing. I was impressed that Tracy took the time to explain what would or could happen during my massage from the intake form I filled out. Those things did happen to me so I wasn't taken by surprise.
Lynn L
Massage My massage was absolutely fabulous! Carefully and professionally completed.
Massage My experience was professional, thoughtfully completed. I am very pleased and respectful of Tracey's wide range of expertise!
Robin P
Massage Very pleased with Tracy and my massage. She was so informative and attended to all of my needs and concerns. I am looking forward to my appointment in July. :-)
Robin P
Lympathic massage I was very pleased with this type of massage. Very relaxed and much needed before my surgery.
Marcia O
Supporting Health Thank you Tracy for helping me restore my health and now helping me to support my health.
VeNita F
Thank you, Tracy Tracy has a special touch for all of those tight and sore areas. She listens and offers practical suggestions. Her location is like an oasis. Thank you, Tracy!!
Therapeutic yoga & massage Tracy is always thinking of ways to help me with my pain issues. I will be traveling and she suggested I incorporate some simple yoga poses while I am traveling. She reviewed everything very thoroughly, and found gentle poses that also stretch me - and then we followed with a massage which also focused on some of the same problem areas.
Erika D
wonderful fantastic!!!
Kathy C
Excellent treatment Tracy has helped significantly with a current condition that has been very difficult. The "cupping" technique has been very helpful.
Gary A
ministering hands I praise God for a ministering heart and hands.
Relaxing and healing I've visited Tracy twice for lymph drainage massages as recommended by my health care provider. The massages were relaxing for mind and body, amazing how fast an hour passes! I also bought some of the Aubrey hair care shampoo and conditioner as well as the hand lotion and am pleased with all three. My hair has more body, the lotion smells good and softens my hands. Tracy is also thorough and knowledgeable about many products that are better for you than what is commercially advertised including soap and other body care products. Thank you Tracy!
Nancy T
Massage review As always, I left my session relaxed, focused, and feeling balanced. I love that Tracy always takes the time to find out what's going on in my life and what areas of my body mightneed some extra tlc. I never feel rushed and always feel as if I'm the "center of attention" during my session. This is an experience everyone should have as often as possible!
Jacqueline S
Great total body massage Tracy gave me an excellent total body massage a couple days ago. She gave deep pressure but didn't leave me sore (the person who I got a massage with before her left me with actual bruises!). Her space is totally relaxing. She's very communicative. Very professional. Great talent in the Iowa-Wisconsin area, so if you're in that area, go to her!
Molly K
Lovely Experience Tracy is a lovely person to do business with. She is very frank and enthusiastic about her work. I brought my nine week old daughter in for cranio sacro therapy a couple of days after having a lip and tongue tie released, and I truly believe it has helped her!
Jim S
New FIJIAN Massage I decided to try Tracy's new offering of Fijian massage which takes advantage of using the foot in the massage process. Being a bigger guy, I have always appreciated Tracy's ability to use greater pressure in providing for a deeper massage. I'd encourage anyone who also desires a deeper massage to give the Fijian method a try. It's become my favorite!
Kendell S
review I was very pleased, Tracy. I always appreciate you and your work with me. I was sore the next couple of days, but I know that is truly a necessary thing for the massage to work. I will let you know if an area is sore during the next massage. There were areas that surprised me. Thank you.
marcia o
Revisiting unresolved trauma Revisiting unresolved trauma with the intention of restoring health on a molecular level. Thank you Tracy.
Scrub, Wrap & Massage For Christmas I received a gift certificate to Tranquil Journey that I chose to use as a pamper "day" with a scrub, wrap and massage. The experience was relaxing and rejuvenating! Tracy is always professional, prepared and wonderful at pampering. I couldn't believe how quickly the time passed and how good I felt when finished. Massage continues to be my favorite "pamper" option and I'm looking forward to my next visit to Tracy but if you have extra time I recommend the scrub & wrap also!
Todd G
Relief at last Being under an extreme amount of stress, my doctor recommended I get a massage. WOW! Tracy found lillte lumps of stressed up muscle I didn't even know were there. Thank you so much Tracy and I am looking forward to my next visit!
Such a gift Tracy's gentleness and healing presence is a true gift.
marcia o
Restoring Health When I was 30 I gained a great deal of weight in a very short period of time. My doctor put me on a liquid diet. From that point on I contined to gain weight and nothing I did with diet or exercise reversed that trend. In 2006 I worked with a personal trainer that prepared me to participate in a triathlon in 2007. I thought surely I would be able to lose that weight. But I didn't. I remembered that my grandmother had been excessively over weight as long as I knew her and passed away in her early 60's. When I began to research edema I realized that she resembled a photo of a woman with full body edema. I contacted Tracy and scheduled an appointment for a lymphatic massage session. In three 90 minute lymphatic massage sessions I lost one dress size. I have been scheduling lymphatic massage sessions with Tracy for all most a year. I wore a dress size of 16 when I began the lymphatic massage therapy and I now wear a size 8. But more importantly my health is being restored. "The lymphatic system touches almost every part of the body." wrote Lauren Felts CN in an article that she wrote DETOX YOUR LYMPH. I am grateful for Tracy's knowledge and training in lymphatic massage therapy. I now have the opportunity to restore my health. Thank you Tracy.
marcia o
Thank you Tracy Your You are restoring my health through lymphatic massage
Donnell Jenkins
Therapy on 4/8/14 Found approach to be very thorough, relaxing and more than pleasant. It was apparent that the therapist was concerned and understood what was required to treat my needs.
marcia o
Tracy's education and knowledge about the lymphatic system is exemplary I lost 30 pounds once Tracy located a lymph blockage. Tracy is now helping me with facial health issues related to dental trauma. I am so grateful to Tracy for her commitment to helping me restore my health.
marcia o
Managing Edema Thankfully I can schedule a lymphatic drainage massage session with Tracy when in spite of my normal routine of carefully chosen food, exercise and rest the lymph begins to build up. I have been able to keep the 40 pounds of lymph that I lost after Tracy cleared a lymph blockage last June. Thank you Tracy!
Ruth W
Wonderful experience! I've been going to Tracy for several years now. I have fibromyalgia and she has help many a muscle to relax and become painfree at least in the short term and for some things, the long term. I always feel better when I leave than when I came in.
Fantastic! I have very specific issues with edema (swelling) in my lower legs; and headaches from tension in my neck and shoulders. Not only was my massage relaxing - each muscle that needed to be worked was done so wonderfully! I left relaxed, refocused, and headache free!! Already booked several more appointments for routine care.
Jen Fasnacht
Perfect Found this place on a last minute desire/need to get a massage and booked online. It was exactly what I needed. I loved what she said about breathing in and taking in everything I needed for today and exhaling and releasing the things that no longer serve me. That was very timely, as I am in a very stressful situation right now. I do plan to go back soon.
Melissa U
Best Massage Experience I Have Ever Had! I went for my first massage at Tranquil Journey yesterday and it was the best experience I have ever had with a massage! Tracy was very sure to make sure the pressure was just right for me. With fibromyalgia I have been for many massages but nobody has taken quite so much care to make sure my pain is relieved as Tracy already has. She also was very accommodating to the fact that I am pregnant and I look forward to many more massages during my pregnancy!
Ruth W
Tranquil Journey I have always had a wonderful experience with massages from Tracy. I especially like the way Tracy listens to me and adjusts the massage to what I seem to need.
Jessica Oclon
Neurovascular Therapy Wonderful session, felt like her hands knew more than she lets on. Tracy's innate wisdom comes out when she's in the zone!
Lymph Node Massage at Tranquil Journey LLC Thankfully Tracy chose to focus on lymph node massage for those of us who have chronic inflammation issues due to comprised lymph node drainage. Tracy thoughtfully takes time at each massage session to find out if the inflammation was reduced after the last scheduled visit. She also inquires about other concerns or symptoms that I may have had since my last massage session. Her massage facility is beautifully arranged and put me at ease instantly.
Deb May
Tranquil Journey = AWESOME Massage! Going for a massage with Tracy is an experience that I VALUE as part of my health care . . . along with regular yoga practice and eating healthy. I'm 52 - - NO regular medication & feel Amazing! I highly recommend trying her Cranial-Sacral technique as part of your massage.
lynn lester
Healing Experience I was very pleased with the respect and healing shared by Tracey before, during and after my massage. I definitely felt healed, and felt comfortable and respected throughout the massage.
Patti Bakey
Peace Whenever I am with Tracy for a massage, I feel that I am on a peaceful journey to health!! Tracy is always very respectful and professional. She truly cares about the whole person.
Linda P
Healing Touch I feel blessed to have found Tracy. She is a true professional and has a healing touch that has been missing in other practitioners. She has a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit that makes me leave the session feeling calm and relaxed. I only wish I could do this weekly!
Totally awesome massages! I've been going for massages about twice a month for a couple of years now. I really enjoy how Tracy interacts with me and tries to soothe whatever areas are most in need of "work". I've had fibromyalgia for at least 20 years and she has helped the muscle pain tremendously. I highly recommend her.
Jodie B
A wonderful first time experience! Tracy's healing, experienced touch and soulful personality created a truly emotional & physically relaxing experience for me. After years of searching for the right combination of technique and soul, I've been blessed to find Tracy! She has a true gift!
Deb May
Always a Great Experience! I've been a client for over 6 years, monthly hour-long massage. Tracy brings experience, unique massage techniques, caring touch, and deep awareness to every massage I've received from her. Great at focusing on special needs. Thank you, Tracy!
Linda P
Healing Touch I have fibromyalgia and chronic back and neck pain. Monthly hour -long massages have not only relieved some of the pain, I believe it has kept me from getting colds or flu this winter as well (knock on wood). Tracy has a caring touch, and kind spirit...always a joyful experience.
Sally K
massage I have multiple sclerosis and have very tight muscles. Tracy really helped me to feel relaxed. She is very caring. I loved the heated blankets since it was cold out!
Jim S
This Time Twas Meant to Be As a chronic spine pain sufferer, I have received helpful support and pain reflief from Tracy's expertise and skilled hands on numerous occasions. How happy I was to find an appointment available within 24 hours through internet scheduling last week. While it's not always possible to get in that soon, I considered this time for me was simply a gift that was meant to be. Of course, I've always felt the opportunity to receive therapeutic massage from Tracy to be a gift. With grateful thanks!
Mike S
massage Tracy Weber is truly a great therapist. I limped into Tranquil Journey and after tracy's assessment and a great massage I walked out with the pain in my leg gone. Thank you Tracy
Tobey Roling
Heart Felt Massage Tracy is absolutely the best massage therapist I have experienced. I have had massages before which were great but her touch & soft voice really add to the massage experience. Please contact her for an appointment soon!!
Great Massage I had the privilege of an hour long massage with Tracy in the middle of a hectic day. Her genuine care coupled with an intuition toward healing created the perfect massage. Her technique was skilled and her touch was masterful. I'll be back for 90 minutes next time!
Linda P
Healing Touch I found my first experience at Tranquil Journey to be outstanding! I have received massages from many therapists and found Tracy to have a special touch. The experience seemed to go beyond massage into a healing touch. I look forward to my next visit. Thanks!
Elmer I find the massages at Tanquil Journey helpful in lessening muscle tension. The deep breathing helps to set the stage and the two work together to foster a pleasant experience. The deep pressure is also helpfulfor me although not everyone would necessarily feel the same way.
Mary Ellen C
Massage I am pleased with professional services offered me by Tracy Weber. I recommend her highly.
Jake Miller
Intro to Quigong. Wonderful and powerful experience, even though it was just my first lesson. I certainly shall visit Tracy for more training; she is an excellent teacher!
1 - hour massage Tracy graciously and effectively provides a healthy holistic massage.
Pain Relief My first massage with Tracy was one I will never forget.
Here I am about 10 years later & still getting monthly massages.
At the age of 67 & having fibromyalgia & stenosis in my back.
I finally found another way to help me stay drug free.
With Tracy's extended training & knowledge her massages are
always looked forward to & helpful in controlling my flares.

Kelly F
Fantastic!!! Tracy is an amazing massage therapist! She has been able to help me get rid of chronic pain with my neck and shoulders from daily computer use - in addition to aiding in better circulation, and over all stress relief. Her addition knowledge and education in yoga has also been incredibly helpful with suggestions for stretching and well-being.
Rhea L
massage completely satisfied!
Lou A
massage I thoroughly enjoyed the massage I received from Tracy. The whole experience was relaxing and I felt great when I left. Thank you!
Rachael T
Massage Tracy is always very friendly and the atmosphere is lovely and relaxed. She has a real 'healing' touch - highly recommend!
Ruth W
recommend Tracy is a wonderful massage therapist and will always be my first choice.. I have fibromyalgia and she is willing to listen to me and work with me no matter what symptoms I have.
Sharon Kuttler
Massage and more! Besides the always wonderful massage your suggestion to help my foot pain with the pillow placement took care of it on the first night! Thank you for your amazing care and personalized suggestions!
Nancy T
Experience Review I have been receiving massages from Tracy for more than 5 years and I always look forward to them. I experience a lot of tightness in certain muscles because of back problems and I always feel more relaxed and a great lessening of pain after each session. The atmosphere is calming with quiet music and lovely aromatherapy. Tracy always listens to any physical concerns I might be having and does an excellent job of alleviating them. I would recommend Tracy to anyone who wants to experience a relaxing experience that will help put one back on track in the "real world."
Tracy K
I feel great :) I made a spur of the moment decision to get a massage, so I googled places in Dubuque. This came up in my google search and there was an online scheduling tool which was really nice. I scheduled an appt. for the next day. Tracy was very communicative with me about what I wanted and made sure I was comfortable. I feel really great right now. I'm sure I will be going back.
Ruth W
wonderful massage I highly recommend Tracy's massage therapy skills. I have fibromyalgia and have gotten more relief from her massage than any other treatments. She also has a caring way that nurtures the body, mind, spirit and heart as is stated under her business title. It's a wonderful experience.
Tranquil Journey review I have been seeing Tracy for over a year now on a regular basis. She always takes time to find out what my needs are at each appointment, and she focuses on that during my massage. As well as relieving my aches and pains, I leave with a sense of peace and well-being.
Best massage in town definitely 5 STAR I always feel so much better after a massage....better in ALL ways..body, mind, spirit and heart exactly what is advertised. Everyone should be so lucky as to receive such a healing massage.
marcia o
Edema Expert Anyone dealing with edema will greatly benefit by booking an appointment with Tracy and starting on the path to healing.
Sharon R
Best Massages Ever!!! Tracy is the best massage therapist I have found in this area. Always listens to concerns for specfic areas that need attention. Very peaceful and relaxing massages which I am always looking forward too. Highly recommended for a great massage!!!!!!
Marcia O
Lymph There are no words to tell you how grateful I am that I found you.  Please know that your chosen field of expertise in understanding lymph and helping me to understand it too is truly a gift.